Christmas Couples To Do List - 10 Things That Don't Cost a Penny

12 Dec 2021

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Chridtmas is one of the most romantic times of the year,there's candlelit dinners with the twinkling of the tree lights, holding hands whilst walking in the cold air and so much more. 

December can also be a time of the year where we neglect to do the little things because we're so focused on finances, buying gifts, seeing family or even stressing about if we're even able to see our family. It's for that very reason I've decided to write a Chridtmas couples to do list that won't cost you a penny... because let's be honest sometimes time together can be the best thing we need. 

1) write Christmas cards together OR design an e-card and email it to friends and family. 
2) watch a Christmas movie
3) decorate your Christmas tree
4) wrap up warm and go for a walk together
5) make hot chocolate (or whatever you opt to drink) then sit beside your Christmas tree and have a proper catch up. Take a length of time out of your day to really talk and listen. 
6)  make dinner together and light some candles. When Lee and I make dinner together we aways reminisce to when I used the Broccoli florets ASDA substituted in our order as centre pieces.)

7)  take silly, funny festive selfies
8) have a pajama day and spend the day relaxing 
9)  shower together - nothing creates intimacy and feeling close to each other more than a shower together. 
10) Put some festive music on and have a dance. I recently published a playlist of 60+ Minutes of Non Stop Festive music. Nothing cheers me up more than Lee's facial expressions when I'm dancing! 

What is your favourite thing you enjoy doing with your partner that doesn't cost a single penny? Let me know below. 
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5 Gift Ideas for the Redhead in Your Life

10 Dec 2021

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As a woman with red hair over the years I've gone from hating the colour to absolutely loving it as an adult. From the many mean names I'd get called as a teenager to finally embracing it I've always wanted one of those mugs "A Ginger is for life not just for Christmas" which my sister finds offensive but I find absolutely hilarious so if you have a redhead in your life why not snap up one of these gift ideas below! 


Would the redhead in your life love or hate these? Let me know below!
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10 Things I Love About Christmas

8 Dec 2021

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Christmas is a time I absolutely love, everything about it. I get into the festive spirit right from the get-go and if I had my way would have the tree up from July as that's when I start making my Christmas cards and planning what I'm going to craft in December. 

As I've gotten older like most people I presume, my reasons for loving Christmas have changed, read 10 Things I Love About Christmas below. 

1) The smalltown romances with big city businesswomen all surrounding Christmas.

2) Christmas Songs

3) Spending time with family, remember that disagreement you had with a cousin? It's long forgotten when the family gathers together. 

4) Wrapping Presents, bows, shiny paper, and gift tags! I love matching my wrapping paper. 

5) Advent calendars - Because I always lose my days in December so this helps keep on track! 

6) ALL THE GLITTER - Everything shiny and sparkly just fills me with joy! 

7) Getting dressed up - there's always somewhere to go at Christmas and get a little dressed up for and I love sitting down and planning an outfit and makeup for going out. (Even if it does take me days to decide) 

8) It's when Hot Chocolate gets it's moment to shine - All through the year when I tell people I don't drink tea or coffee I receive odd looks and a bunch of "reallys?" but in December? Hot chocolate seems to be everyone's go-to hot drink! 

9) That every year people (especially females) vent their anger at how Alan Rickman's character in Love Actually wasn't giving the necklace his found to her!

10) People have a spring in their step, everyone just seems that bit more hopeful and looks forward to their Christmas. 

What do you love about Chritmas? 
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60+ Minutes of Non Stop Christmas Songs

6 Dec 2021

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'Santa Claus is coming to town' so 'Step into Christmas' with 60+ Minutes of Non-Stop Christmas songs to get you into the festive mood! I've compiled a list of my favourites along with a few classics into a playlist below on Youtube that you can enjoy. 

I know I'll have this playing constantly right up to Christmas day and after. I've included a couple of my all-time favourites and the full list can be found at the bottom. 

Kelly Clarkson - Underneath the Christmas Tree

Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me 

Sam Palladio - Under the Tree

Little Mix - One I've Been Missing 

Chris Tomlin ft Lauren Daigle - Noel

What is your favourite Christmas song? Is it on my playlist?

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The Ultimate Christmas Guide to Netflix

4 Dec 2021

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Netflix is my go to platform anytime I want to watch something and at Christmas time it's no different especially being filled with so many small town festive romances or princes falling in love with "ordinary women as they've been described. 

Check out my ultimate Christmas guide to Netflix below. 

Whilst I've watched the majority of these movies I've not seen them all which is why I made it a wee tick box at the bottom of this post, I've also included a couple of trailers of my favourite ones. 

- Last Christmas 

- Single All The Way

- Dash and Lily 

-The Princess Switch

- A Christmas Prince

What do you think of the movies I've added? What's your favourite on the list?
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My Christmas 2021 Wishlist

2 Dec 2021

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This post contains affiliate links.

There are items we all secretly hope for or if you're like me drop a million hints for (Lee - If you're reading this M&S have a new festive Percy Pig out) I appreciate any and all gifts I get, especially handmade gifts as I make gifts myself know how much time, effort and concentration can go into it. There's a lot of thought involved as well. 

Below are some items I'd love this year for Christmas and I'm so eyeing up that Jordan Henderson notebook for my 2022 blogging. 

Matilda Myres 2022 Diary £9.98 (This diary is gorgeous and definitely contains certain pages perfect to keep track of books read)

I would absolutely love all the items above and am so excited for Christma this year. Isn't that candle holder so cute!?

What's on your wishlist this year? 
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